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Yasuni Biosphere - coming soon... Weba's Song Long Trailer Ciara - How she got involved -coming soon The Guidebook - coming soon... Yasuni Biosphere - coming soon...
Kelly Swing - coming soon...
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The students of Kewediono are building a wildlife guidebook of the plants and animals in their territory, including their own photos, videos, and research. This guide is not only a scientific guide to their territory, but also an all-encompassing guide to their culture which is tied directly to the forest and the wildlife they encounter in it. Much of this scientific and cultural knowledge is only known by the last remaining Waorani elders, who are now in their 80's and 90's.

Theatrical Trailer
(2 min)
Weba's Song
w/ subtitles
Informational Trailer
(10 min)
Wildlife of Yasuni
Music Video
Kelly Swing Bio
coming soon...
Yasuni Biosphere
coming soon...
The Waorani
Guide Book