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Yasuni Biosphere - coming soon... Weba's Song Long Trailer Ciara - How she got involved -coming soon The Guidebook - coming soon... Yasuni Biosphere - coming soon...
Kelly Swing - coming soon...
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[Currently in production] Defending Eden is a documentary following a group of Waorani students as they venture deep into the Ecuadorian Amazon to record their ancestors' knowledge. With this info, they aim to create a multi-media guide to their culture and their land, which will educate future Waorani generations and the world.

Theatrical Trailer
(2 min)
Weba's Song
w/ subtitles
Informational Trailer
(10 min)
Wildlife of Yasuni
Music Video
Kelly Swing Bio
coming soon...
Yasuni Biosphere
coming soon...
The Waorani
Guide Book