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In June, five students from Kewediono, a small Waorani community along the Shiripuno River, will embark on a two-week journey to document their culture and land. They will travel to other communities impacted heavily by the oil roads, through settlements of neighboring tribes and oil bases, and down the Tiputini River to the heart of the Yasuní Biological Reserve. Isolated far from any road, Kewediono represents a middle ground between the traditional Waorani culture that existed only 50 years ago and the more assimilated communities found along the major oil roads. By taking this trip with Waorani elders that remember how it was before missionary contact, the students will be able to see all perspectives of the outside pressures they now face. We will be documenting the whole trip with stunning interactive panoramic images, so that the audience can follow the students in an interactive and intimate way, and be able to develop their own understanding of an incredibly complex situation.