Student Photos for Sale

During the filming of Defending Eden, the students demonstrated a strong curiosity and ability for photography. What they captured revealed highly artistic eyes for capturing stunning photos of the the flora and fauna in their surrounding ecosystem. We are selling these photos to raise money to provide the students with more camera equipment to continue their interests in photography. Visit the Waorani Student Project online store to browse the available photos, learn more about the photographers, and purchase a Waorani student photo.


Sponsor a Show

We also offer the opportunity to host your own exhibit show of the student's photos. Exhibit sponsorships range from coffee shop to museum levels and offer a great opportunity to spread the word about this project while supporting the remarkable work of the students. Click here to learn more about sponsoring a show.


Remember all proceeds from the sale of these photos will go directly towards buying the Waorani students camera equipment, allowing them to continue their incredible work. Through selling stock footage, photos and their own wildlife films, the students hope to develop a sustainable economy and perpetuate their cultural hallmark of a harmonious existence with their land.


Please contact us at for more info.