The Company

Prehensile Productions is a American production company specializing in films about nature, adventure and science. Since 2009, Keith Heyward and Jennifer Berglund have taken audiences to the far corners of the globe, from the Amazon rainforest to the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, to emphasize the beauty of our world and the life that decorates its landscapes. Their diverse portfolio of work, created both as a team and individually, has been honored with numerous awards and featured nationally in the United Stated and internationally on networks like the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, TV Aichi, Netflix, ZDF, NHK, BBC, and Arte, among others. Their style is thoughtful and creative, at times whimsical, yet always guided by story and a reverence for the natural world.

Our Crew

Jennie Berglund's Photo

Jennifer Berglund (Executive Producer, Writer) is a writer, filmmaker, and passionate communicator of science. A lifelong lover of the outdoors, she discovered science within the vibrant mountainscapes of southern Appalachia. A trained biologist and science journalist, she has worked as a professional science communicator for close to a decade. Her perpetual quest to tell great stories about science and nature has taken her around the globe to all seven continents, from the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to the Dry Valleys of Antarctica, even to the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Her award-winning photos, films and articles have been featured both nationally and internationally in film festivals and major publications, and she was recently awarded a prestigious Science Media Fellowship at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival. In addition to this work, she also works closely with world-renowned scientists and scholars at Harvard University to develop exhibits for the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture, a consortium of four museums spanning the disciplines of natural history, archaeology, anthropology, and the history of science, and she serves as the New England regional representative for the National Association for Museum Exhibition (NAME). She is also the program administrator and mentor for the Boston University BURECS Program, which trains high-achieving students from multiple disciplines to communicate science to a range of audiences, from scientists and students to the general public. To her, the stories of science are the adventure stories of our time, and finding new and innovative ways to tell them plays a critical role in educating and engaging a well-informed society in today's most pressing issues.

Keith Heyward's Photo

Keith Heyward (Executive Producer, DP, Editor) considers himself equal parts scientist and filmmaker. With a Biology degree from Brown University he has worked as a research assistant in labs as well as in the field. As a filmmaker, web developer, and interactive media designer he has created a wide range of media experiences from documentaries and online course videos to multimedia art exhibits and music videos. As a cinematographer he has filmed across all latitudes of the globe for a wide variety of organizations including the BBC, National Geographic, Netflix, Science Channel, NHK Enterprises, and the New York Times. As both a scientist and an artist he appreciates the similarites between the two disciplines, but is also concerned about the gap between scientific research and science entertainment. He created the Buried Ice interactive website, offering a unique digital experience of the Antarctic Dry Valleys, and has developed many other websites for science related programs and organizations.

Keith Heyward's Photo

Danielle Myers (Production Assistant) is a graduate of Tufts University. Danielle has worked with several environmental organizations including WildEarth Guardians and Massachusetts Audubon Society to pursue her passion for understanding and preserving our natural world. She is interested in the use of film as a medium to educate and inspire others about the wonders of nature and the need to protect it. Through her involvement with Prehensile Productions, Danielle hopes to explore the power of art as a catalyst for positive environmental change.


Boston Science CommunicationsWe also work closely with Boston Science Communications, Inc., and its President, Gino Del Guercio. Del Guercio established Boston Science Communications Inc. in 1989. For over 20 years now, Gino has trained a small staff and several interns at BSC. The team is committed to producing engaging science programming for audiences around the world. Working with freelance cameramen, editors and composers, the company has produced several award-winning series and films on science, medicine and technology for various broadcasters, universities, foundations and corporations including PBS, The Discovery Channel, WGBH, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, among others.

Neotropical Conservation FoundationWe are beginning an exciting collaboration with Ted Kahn and the Neotropical Conservation Foundation. NCF designs and implements conservation projects to protect vanishing amphibians, reptiles and their habitats through community based initiatives.